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NuhydroTM is the largest manufacturer of industrial cardan shafts in India. Three decades of unparalleled high quality products and excellent solutions have made NuhydroTM the undisputable market leaders and most reputed cardan shaft manufacturer in India as well as neighboring countries. We drive the growth of some of the most reputed names of this nation and are proud to be a part of their growth story. The best in India choose NuhydroTM for reliability, efficiency and cost effective solutions. Come join hands with us to start your own success story!

NuhydroTM is pioneer in providing a comprehensive range of cardan shaft that satisfies the needs of numerous industries. They are manufactured under the expert professional guidance and by following the international standards to fit the mechanical machineries of various industries all around the world. High quality products and unmatched services have helped us to be the largest and most reputed Cardan Shaft Manufacturers or Cardan shaft suppliers.