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The Universal Cane Mud Vacuum Filter is a heavy duty filter engineered and designed to increase efficiency and savings by greatly increasing the amount of recovered sugar. Hundreds of satisfied sugar mills are the best proof that a filter station literally pays for itself through this high sucrose recovery as well as adding further saving in evaporation costs and reduced maintenance. The Filter has proven its worth for several decades. Because of its efficient and economic operating advantages, cane sugar factories all over the world continues to adopt the Vacuum Filter method of handling cane mud as “standard practice”.

The initials UHEC stand for much more than just a filter. UHEC engineers have a thorough understanding of the processing of Cane Sugar and broad experience in all types of filtration and clarification. They are in position to properly integrate the Cane Mud Filter with the most suitable type and size of auxiliary equipment so the entire installation is engineered for efficient and economical operation.